First week end in London

Wonderful first days in London, fantastic weather, sun shinning all day long, but most of all, meeting with friends I hadn’t seen in ages.

Friday, drinks with Dani, aka Daniboy, at Queen of hoxton, great rooftop in the heart of Shoreditch, place fully packed, queuing for drinks, which is apparently normal here. Then joined by Dani’s friend “Barba”. A drink here, another couple of drinks in a great place outside, and then, joined by two other friends of Barba (that’s me, Dani and three mexican dudes), straight to a place for tacos. Shit expensive tacos, shit expensive Mezcales, had to ask for the proper sauces and spices, but it was ok.
Then to a pub, drinks, dancing, straight to Barba’s place around 5am, when the sun was rising, and after few mezcales, kale and chips, came back walking to my place, not sure yet how I managed to find it, with no phone and no clue of where I was. But I made it.

Saturday, meeting with the guys and Ana and few more people at London Fields, wonderful park. Drinks, food, fun, sun, all good. Home early, still hurt by the previous night.

Sunday, went on my own to an event called “save the bees”, on a fantastic rooftop in Shoreditch, spent 1h30 listening to live music, beatbox, slam, good food, spoke with the waiter who was from Madrid, had a great time.

And then, after 1h walking, I finally got to Clissold Park to meet with other friends I hadn’t seen for ages, Raul and Azahara, and there friend Julia.
Same here, sunshine, drinks, ukulele, walk, another drink in terasse, and back home after having a great sunday at the park.

And here we are, here comes the end of my 90 days of vacations, and tomorrow begins a great profesional adventure at Samsung, tomorrow is the day.

For now: Loving London, and so happy to have those friends around.

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