First day in London

Woke up with the intention of getting bank account, a phone number and a underground oyster card. I almost got the bank account, Raul helped me a lot about the sim card, but all I got closed today was getting a oyster card.

For the rest of the day, I did what I do best: walk. I walked for 7 hours, more than 20km around the city, London bridge, then Big ben, Westminster, the beautiful Hyde Park, and all the way up toward Shoreditch, this beautiful neighborhood I definitely want to live at.

I discovered London today, and discovered why they call it the European New York. I discovered that it’s a great city, full of places to discover, full of people that seemed very kind. Discovered that yes, people DO throw themselves on the street for drinks after work.

I was lucky to have a beautiful weather all day long. Today has been the great discovery of what will be my city from now on.

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