Dinner in Valladolid

I spent 2 days in Valladolid for some work with company. It was nice to meet with all those dev guys and work together for 2 days.

But, what I will remember for long time is that dinner we had.

18 people. Table reserved in “Los Zagales“. Speciality: Tapas.

I say ok, why not. Really afraid that I won’t be able to eat anything because everything will be on bread, but it’s ok.

I enter the place and discover all those prizes hanging on all the walls. Best tapas of this and that, huge collection of the most prestigious prizes. I start to get interested.

We seat and I discover the menu. 7 Tapas, each with it’s own wine.

The waitress, a real waitress. A waitress that explains every dish like narrating the best poems, food, processing, wine, everything is details with romantic words. I’m in love.

The dinner was amazing. Rueda wines delicious, food was awesome and full of new experiences, service was perfect. A-great-dinner.

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