Creativity for my sister’s 30’s

Last week, I went to Barcelona for a big date: my dear sister’s 30th birthday.

It was a big moment and I was 200% happy to be there, with the family, my sister’s friends I still didn’t know and some I already knew that I was so pleased to meet and drink & dance with until 6 in the morning.

I’m proud of the present I made and I want to write about it here, for the memory and because I’d be happy that it could inspire for being creative, a great way to surprise.

This is the second time I offer creativity, first few months ago for my step-dad’s 60th birthday, and second for my sister’s 30th; highlighting that we’re talking about important birthdays here.

The idea is simple, not expensive: Buy a 50x50cm canvas, in my case MercĂ© helped me finding the perfect one, light beige instead of white, buy 2 thick markers, a white one and a black one. With the white one, I did this small lettering that simply says “30” (obviously not the creative part here), put the canvas on a support, and put it in the middle of the crowd. My part was done. All I had to do is silence the crowd for half a minute to explain that I was offering an open-source collaborative present that will be nothing without everyone’s participation.

All they had to do was grab the black marker and write a message for my sister. Done.

As I expected, they were 3 phases:

  • people shy and not daring to write.
  • first person writes and unblocks the rest; clean messages
  • people are drunk and write crazy shit and drawings.

In the end, a nice painting, not for the quality of drawing, but for the load of memory and kind word it carries, and I’m glad I was able to offer my sister something that to my eyes is different and to keep.

Great party by the way… : )

(part of the photos taken By Robert, great pics)

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