Apply basic user cases study (for crying out loud)

I’m an advanced user of public transportation here in Madrid; I use everyday Metro+train+bus to go to work, 1 hour in the morning, and another on in the afternoon (or whenever I come back from work). And one thing annoys me pretty much, which affects my user experience, that could be so easily solved walking […]

The influence of facebook on your body and soul

3 years ago, I was investigating for my end of term project around the word ‘water’. This brought me to discover all types of facts around the holy liquid, one that scared me the most is that we’re actually running out of water and will be out of it in not such a long time. […]

Useless thought

On one hand: a dry pair of jeans I wore for the past 2 days. On the other hand: a pair of wet jeans I just took out of the washing machine. Which one should I wear? The dry one, yes? Wrong! When it’s pouring raining outside, the dry one I’m wearing gets wet, so […]