Silvia Perez Cruz, Madrid

Para mi cumpleaños, mi querida Lula me regalo emoción, con dos entradas para el concierto de Silvia Perez Cruz. Y llego el día. Subió al escenario, canto, sola en el escenario, “la canço del lladro”. Fueron subiendo poco a poco el quinteto de cuerdas entero, primero el violin, luego el segundo, y la viola, y […]

Music, the best way to access your memories

This morning, my “facebook memories” reminded me of 2012 when I discovered Skip the Use and felt in love with that band. So I got out of bed and when straight to spotify to rise up with that music. I discovered them in switzerland at the PALEO festival, when I went my friend Elie. We […]

First birthday I can’t get you on the phone

This 19th of april 2016 was a strange one, because for the first time in my life I wasn’t able to get my dad on the phone to tell him happy birthday. So I recorded a song on that day, and drank beer. This is a message I sent to my special ones that night: […]

Something new everyday #31: join a choir

Here´s a brand new “something new everyday” entry, and it goes about me enrolling into a choir to learn how to sing. I´ve been playing instruments for many years now, and the only one that just keeps on failing is that one I always carry around, the voice. I´ve been singing, a lot, for long time, […]

Augmented-reality week end

Augmented-reality week end

What a beautiful and extraordinary way to start the summer. Never started a summer this way before. Friday 21: almost straight out from work, to Tyler’s concert. Met there with Virginia, Rosa, Libertad. Great show, with a perfectly nailed version of Across the Universe, the beatles. Then, we were us plus Danilo, Antonio, Carlos, and […]



Since my best friend Kevin put into my hands his bass 20 years ago “just to try”, I’ve never stopped playing music. First bass, but at the same time drums, guitar, then piano, harmonica, percussions, any instrument is for me a wonderful world to discover, different ways of interpreting standard notes, beautiful noises. I love […]