Iceland, almost…

Iceland, almost...

Today was the day. After years wanting to go to Iceland, two months ago I just booked a plane, me alone, straight to the land of ice and fire. Investigated, made my roadmap, traced it on Google maps, booked hotels, car, even used Tinder to try and meet people (just so you know, it’s bullshit… […]

London, you charmed me

Sunday 19 april… Just had the most amazing week end in London since I moved in almost 1 year ago. CanĀ“t help thinking of whom told me “London takes 1 year to love it”. Well I gotta say, I loved London on that week end. Friday night, with friends and their friends from abroad, amazing […]

Karma alert

Was in the open air backyard of a bar friday night, late at night. Close to us, a seriously drunk guy laying on the bench, moving from time to time. Leaves his phone and wallet on the table, just in front of me and leave. I talk with the guy I had in front to […]

Something good from anywhere

When I left work today, I felt weird not having any plans for the night, not used to it. So on the bus, I looked up for live music. After 3 or 4 websites and shit, end up seeing that in Shoreditch, close from where I live, there was an event, with live music, poetry, […]

First week end in London

First week end in London

Wonderful first days in London, fantastic weather, sun shinning all day long, but most of all, meeting with friends I hadn’t seen in ages. Friday, drinks with Dani, aka Daniboy, at Queen of hoxton, great rooftop in the heart of Shoreditch, place fully packed, queuing for drinks, which is apparently normal here. Then joined by […]