Catalan Easter (II)


Woke up late, had the lovely traditional ‘mama’s sunday chicken’, played some playstation with my little bro, and started getting ready to leave for this calligraphy workshop I’ve been waiting for months.

End of the afternoon, met with my brush buddies Joanca and Ivan, and hit the road for Les Angels, in the magnificent catalan countryside, L’Emporda. Nice music and chatting.

And the magical moment arrived: el Santuari dels Angels, magnificent building, a former church converted into a very nice hotel, sitting on top of a mount in the middle of nowhere, offering a beautiful 360 degress view on Girona, the sea and all the surrounding forests. Also the moment to meet with people I hadn’t see for more than one year, first meeting with my ex-mother in law as a “ex”. Nice moments.

Still hurt by the jaggermeisters internal feedback, went to bed early.


Woke up at 6:30, not sure why, but first i thought was go out and admire the sunrise; once this thought got into my head, I knew there was no way I could go back to sleep. So at 7:00, I was out, in the middle of the forest with my camera taking shots of the sun rising. Then went for a 30min walk in the mount and back at 8:30 for breakfast. Once over, it was time to get the brushes painting letters.

Not easy, and as always, producing crap. In the end of the day, I could do a nice ‘M’ which satisfied me!

For lunch, I tried porc feets; awful thing. When I felt in my mouth the actual skin surrounded by slimy meat filling my mouth at the same time I was viewing in my plate those animal feet, my body went into ‘throwing up’ mode so I did not insist, it was the first and the last time I was ordering this.

More letters in the afternoon, and nice dinner. Then, homemade Ratafia degustation, and once quite Ratafia’ed, straight to bed.


More letters, starting to get some more interesting stuff out of my brush, not convincing, but more than yesterday. Evolution is always a good thing.

At lunch, for dessert, the traditional ‘copa suroli’ came out and fill our mouths with happiness and smiles.

Another afternoon painting; starting to get results and getting interesting stuff. Not there yet, but more interesting. Discovered that Instagram could be a nice source of content for painting words, usernames, comments, very usefull, and fun to post back the results as a picture.

But big part of the afternoon had our minds and souls occupied with other matters, well at least for us, culés: Barça Vs. Milan, quarter final of champions league, a match that only could be intense and interesting. I was also excited because I was going to enjoy the match surrounded by barça fans, which I’m not used to since I live in Madrid. I was expecting a nice moment, and to crack things up a bit, I made myself for the first time organizer of a general bet over the result, 1€ each.

At 20:00, which is a very unusual time to have lunch in Spain, supper was served and at 20:45, we were in the room of a Pep and Mercé, who had a TV, to watch the match.

We were I think around 15 people in this room. Had beers, ratafias, fun, laugh, a nice game, barça won, I was right about the score and won 14€, everything just perfect!

Then went back down and enjoy some time with the people, then had a very magical walk by night in to the deep fog, surrounded by trees an absolute silence, apart from the noise of a wild boar wandering around. Stayed late, but too late means nothing when enjoying that much.


Woke up quite blown up, but got up on time, went for breakfast and back to letters.

This was the last day, and the idea was to generate some kind of final piece. I wasn’t able to really create something elaborate, but I did some stuff I got some nice feedback on, and that make me feel totally satisfied. Some people did some really amazing stuff, it was really a privilege to be surrounded by such great artists/designers.

Last lunch with everyone, starting to feel the “end of trip blues”. After lunch some left, some stayed.

I stayed.

Did some more work but most of all enjoyed time with those people I had been with for 3 days that felt like 15.

And eventually, time to leave. Car trip with Joanca and Ivan on the steering wheel, and finally, home. It was a very interesting workshop, as it always is.

But this time, some strong emotions came out: going back to L’Emporda, going back to Les Angels, seeing Joanca, Pep, Jaume, Pepa, Laia, Patricia, Oriol, Vicky, getting to know some really nice people, like Mercé, Luis, Francesc, and most of all, meeting again with Fina, for the first time as an “ex-mother in law”.

On tuesday morning, I elaborated in my head-lab a theory, with a creepy name: the chemotherapy effect. The idea is that it’s ways of acting reflects what can happen when a couple breaks up, in this case it happened to me: chemo therapy attacks the problematic cell but at the same damages healthy cells around. Well when one couple breaks up, it can happen that although the main problem is being attack, which is that love is dead, it also causes that you loose people that you still love/like the same (parents, friends, dogs). In my case, I miss my ex-mother in law’s sympathy and the nice relation we had, and miss a whole lot the dog we used to have. Although for 3 days I’ve been hoping to see my ex-father in law pop up with the dog at some moment and it didn’t happen, I was really really was happy to observe that although my relation with my ex-mother in law will never be the same, it’s still very nice; when she offered me a bottle of her own homemade ratafia production as she always did in the past, I was really moved and, just happy; meant a lot.

I was also really proud and felt good when people didn’t bother anymore about talking to me in catalan and accepting that I understand but answer in spanish. This is the ideal scheme I’ve been defending for years (we don’t speak the same language, but I understand yours, you understand mine: let’s talk) and I was glad to see that it totally could happen.

This workshop was a total breath of fresh air, and tonight I’m already missing that air, but I feel lucky and am so happy I could breath it for 3 magnificent days.

It’s not present anymore, it’s past. I’ll keep those memories in a nice drawer of my mind, think about the present, and imagine the future: october, the next workshop :)

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