Catalan Easter (I)


Wake up, breakfast. And straight to my friend Claudio’s barbecue.

When I got invited to this barbecue, I couldn’t believe it actually match with my first day in Barcelona; gorgeous coincidence. Bought my contribution to the meat orgy, wisely, adding pineapple and strawberry to the mix, in some utopic intention of making this meal somehow healthier. Bah… Barbecue is not about healthy food anyway, more about enjoying a fun moment with friends. And this is what happened.

As always, place was full of people from a lot a different countries, babies running around and laughing, and of course, food and drinks. Sun was also present and contributed a lot to the good feeling.

I was feeling very happy of being there, and if for if it wasn’t enough, there was a great jazz musician playing guitar that I ended up jamming with using some basic bongos. That was now perfect. A great evening.

Then, quick stop at home, shower and back to the center to watch the footbal game with some other friends.

Their plan was to watch the game and quietly go home. They didn’t believe me when I told them to cut the crap and get ready for some heavy drinking and laughing. Good news is that I was right. Lot of jaggermeister flowing, lot of laughing, nice bonding with the crew of the bar we were at.

Great day. Great night.

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