Calligraphic workshop in Els Angels

I’ve lost the counting of how many workshop I’ve attended. Not only in general, but also in particular this one, the calligraphic workshop in Els Angels with Oriol Miro, those 2 great moments of the year when we gather with what is already like a family on top of a mount in this lovely quiet house, where 3G is down and fresh air a norm.

I would be sad to miss those two workshops, because it’s a real breathe of fresh air, a great moment spent with the guys.

Highlights: (don’t feel like writing so much)

– had my own room

– I watch the stars with the help of a awesome iPhone app that helps you localizing stars and planets; I’ve never seen the stars like this before, beautiful and fascinating.

– had some great food

– had some great drinks, most of all the strong charactered Ratafia homemade by Joanca

Basics things that united that together makes magic of any moment spent there.

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