Bye Raul + Diana live

2 big events this night: first, Diana playing live in a bar in my neighbordhood, at which a bunch of us from the office attended. For the show of course, but also to spend the evening with Raul and Azahara before they moved to London.

Raul was the first one from the office I met out work, at a conference where we were surprised to meet each other. Ended up being my mate Raul; not so long ago, I met his girlfriend. No surprises, she’s awesomely nice, whic was to expect when you know Raul.

A great night, a great show. Very pleased to ending up exhanging my famous Behance Tshirt for his famous hat. This Tshirt was special for me, I wouldn’t have give it away to everyone, but I was very pleased to give him this shirt, after all those question he spent the last year asking about this shirt. On top of this, his hat fits me perfectly, and after all my frustrated attempts for finding a hat that would fit me, I was awfully happy I finally had MY hat.

You don’t meet very good and nice people, generous and smart. Those 2 are “one of those”.

Hopefully will move to London soon and be able to see them more often.

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