Birthdays and people

Another week-end in Barcelona, 3 days of smiling non stop, thanks to so many people I’ve had the pleasure to be with those days.

It started on friday at the Barcelona’s office, with all the very kind and welcoming people there.

Then I had the pleasure to meet for the first time Jamie, than I only knew 2.0’ly, and had the best time with her in Gracia, sharing about food and design (how could it get better) for 4 hours long, the kind of 4 hours that look a lot like 20 minutes.

Straight away after this, I quickly joined sir Ubanell to have a couple of wine with him and some of his friends for his birthday, and update quickly about our lives.

Only great people, and that was only the first day.

Second day, started going to one of my rare annual exhibition rendez-vous, the World Press Photo 2012 in CCCB, amazing as always, considering that, on top of this, this year was overloaded with major events as big strikes from Tunisia to Syria, the Japan earthquake, troubles in Mexico, etc…

After this, I met with Mercé for our regular monthly update and was pleased as always to have a moment with her, then met my good friend Ariane for a short dinner and wines, sitting at a lovely terrase wth blankets on.

Then, I met with Julia and Numil, my good friends all the way from college, and had this sweet kind of meeting with friends you’ve known for such a long time, those with whom everything goes smoothly and naturally. With those kind of friends, it can be weeks, months or years since you’ve last met, as soon as you say ‘hi’, those years become seconds, as if you’ve had met 2 days ago. There’s few people you can experience this with. They both are; had an awesome time.

Sunday, fifa with my brother, fooling around with the dogs, enjoying a day at home with family, having delicious sunday chicken and birthday treats. Then this tradition of chilling in the living room watching ‘come dine with me’ with my mother and my sister, falling half asleep, hugo on the computer, Robert taking wonderful pictures of us all.

Yes, it’s been 3 all days of love/ly moments that fills one up with energy and strenght.

Those days+the dinner at Dani’s the week before and the drinks&ukulele clan band concert with Tyler and fede, I will consider that I’ve had a fucking great birthday celebration.

Great days.

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