Berlin, New year’s eve

Despertar a las 6h30… duro. Pero bueno, me espera el avión para Berlin!

La narración de Berlin ya la tengo escrita, y esta escrita en ingles, y no, no pienso traducirla a castellano ahora, copiar pegar, english is good.

I’m in Berlin. I slept 2h after a long day and night of drinks with Axi and Anna. 1 year I hadn’t seen Axi, and something like more than 10years I hadn’t seen Anna, great time. Got greater when my sister joined later with Clara, both very happy to meet Axi and Anna, also after many years; that was kind of cool.

But of course, those moment, when properly celebrated, tend to give serious headaches the day after.

But I caught my plane and now in Berlin, I’m in this express train that will take me to Alexanderplatz. I asked for information in the airport to the guy selling train tickets, told him I was heading towards Karl Marx metro station, he told me ‘yes, yes’. I’m realizing now looking at the map that ‘no, no’, But I’ll find my way.

I’m digging for excitement for being there, but apart from being tired, I actually feel as if vacations were over, considering the awesome days I just spent in Barcelona. But I’m beginning to get the feeling back, with the little help of my music, specially ‘viva la vida’ by Coldplay; it’s very much associated to my past trips to Amsterdam and NYC and it reminds me that I’m traveling and about to discover new stuff, and have fun.

I’m enjoying the very noisy high pitch screams coming from this tiny little baby sitting with his mother just in front. Very hangover-friendly yes…

Arrive at the apartment.



Had deer, not good, taste like liver.

Way home and sleep


Long night of sleep

Out for visiting with Emily and Jamie.


Antique museum (kind of)

Head to holocaust manham

Stop for currywurst und pommes

Heavy rain for 10min

Hot wine, not good!

Holocaust memorial

People having fun, weird.

Small walk.

I left emily and Jamie, because I wanted to go for buying shoes in the center. Turned out to be another one of those magical walks I do, 2h30 crossing east Berlin, discovering the city by its different layers. Lovely.

Arrive home, shower

Wine and cheese with new guests. Mylles and Cher.

Everybody nap, IG and facebook, waiting for dinner.

Nice dinner at (look for name), don’t like meat anymore, it’s getting clearer. Doesn’t even look good on picture.

First time I hang out with english people: a sign for london happening this year?


Wake up and go for spanish food, I’m doing the tapas tonight.

Meet with lydia for a ghost vintage shop

Went to another one: closed but got a plan for a party tonight in this shop.

Left Lydia and went to alexanderplatz.

Mall closed.

Waist of time? No. This is where, under the tower, while sun setting, with the smell of burning wood, that I sat for 10min listening to M83, 4min to remember the warm highlights of this year 2012. I began in Amsterdam, not knowing exactly where I was heading but trusting in whatever would come. And what came has been great.

Yesterday browsing my instagram picture, I already felt something viewing my all year and refreshing my memories on all my best moments this year.

I’ve been trying to set the light on this year 2 days ago while flying to Berlin, but something was wrong, not working, not pushing the proper emotion. This has been launched now, seeing the sunset and seeing it as a sunset on this year. This is when I sort of became aware that this year was over. And Alexanderplatz has been the perfect place for this. I went to buy a hat in a closed mall I went to when I first arrived in Berlin; I remembered this place when I thought I’d need a hat. Everything matches so beautifully. What some would call destiny made possible that I would be there at this exact moment, to feel this sensation of ending.

2012 is over, when I’ll get out of my metro a Karl Marx Strasse, it will be night, and sun will rise tomorrow on a brand new year. 2013: Don’t know what will happen, but as much as I can, I will make things happen in the best way possible.

Positivity, love, adaptivity: be a positive loving chameleon.

I’m realizing now: I’m sort of worried of not being able to have a equivalent year this year, and this is because I believe I’m using 2012 as a reference for 2013. I’m thinking this should not happen. 2013 is going to be different, it’s unavoidable. What make 2012 great is that it has been 2012; 2013 will not be 2012.


Went home and after a short nap, prepared spanish tapas, or better said “spanish appetizers”, or even more accurate “iberic appetizers”, since it was all spanish products and a portuguese goat cheese.

Iberic ham, cherry tomatoes with fresh rosemary and olive oil, portuguese cheese and pine nuts, and carrots & cucumber fingers with ‘ail oli’. All served with white wine from Rueda and french red wine. I appreciated it and people seemed to like too; politeness or really tasty? Will never know, but apart from the dips that I finished myself, nothing left, which is a good sign I guess.

After that came Emily and Jamie’s mushrooms risotto. After a short risotto cooking class they attended the week before, expectation was high. In my own opinion, it was delicious, taking into account that I hate mushrooms. In the end, lovely food, good wine and music, it was a lovely dinner.

23h45, we went out to experience the street version of Berlin’s new year’s eve. Streets were mad! Non stop fireworks explosion coming from everywhere, ‘this’ close from scary. After the midnight celebration, fireworks champagne and hugs, we got into this club. Not the best, strange drinks, but still fun.

Then Lydia led us to a gay bar, a promise for way better music quality and ambience. But on the way, after some shots of Jagger, we experienced what has been for me the highpoint of this night. Outside of an african hairdresser, a soundsystem improvised on the street. Reggae, ragga, dancing, best vibe ever. We stayed there half an hour before going to our original destination.

Can’t say a lot about the gay bar. Gay people, great sound, drinks, heavy dancing, celebration.

4h30: home.

I leave Berlin still wandering about the way those guys party. Going to a club at 15h, leaving a club at 3h for going home and sleep 1h before going back for another club. Those habits totally disturbed my own personal mental model of what is a party night. We haven’t experience this; guess one would need 2 weeks before getting into the vibe.


Woke up the day after, all went for brunch in a lovely australian place, had a walk in West-Berlin, went through the christmas market and basically went home. Dinner preparation, cooking again, and bed.

Last day, nothing special, shopping, went for the museum of letters that turned out to be closed and straight to the airport.

It has been a short trip, but it has been a nice one. And again, as for many things, I have to thank out chief organizer Emily, rocked, again.

(regresemos al directo y volvemos al castellano)

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