Something new everyday #33: singing in a church as part of a choir.

Check. Check check check and check.


Yesterday was my first concert as part of a choir, “El coro El Molino”, in a church on calle Atocha, 87, us, about 40 people, in front of around 120 people gathered and clapping us.

I came from the office listening to the songs, got home, changed, put on a red “noeud papillon” for the first time in my life, and headed there. First, rehearsal, 1 hour reviewing each song, also that moment for me to define which I would sing and which not. In the end, I decided to discard 2 songs, and sing on the 5 other ones.

Concert went very good, people enjoyed, we enjoyed a lot, went for wines, and I got to know every one better.

Me wondering if I should stay or not in the choir is something that´s off the table. I´m definitely staying. I am today officially part of a choir, and that makes me feel good.

This is something I’ve been wanting for a long time, and yesterday, 2 cases of “see? if you go for it, it happens” occurred:

First one was after the show, in the bar, the all choir, wine in hand, started singing a song of us, choir style, with all the harmonies and shit. Could look unfortunate that I was outside at that moment, but really it was luck, since I got to enjoy from the outside, as I usually did every time I saw those situation happen, something I can look and say “this, is my choir”.

Second case was when I saw Tyler´s friend Rafa get in the church. I first met the guy 3 years ago. We were Tyler, me, Emma, Paz, Ligia, in Lavapies, and at one moment, Tyler met with 4 or 5 people from his choir, and they randomly started singing all together in the street, which was for me totally magic.
Yesterday Rafa attended the concert, and for the last song, Malela invited some people she knows to join on stage, and he was part of it. And here I was, being again “part of it” instead of just enjoying.
He didn´t remember me, but in the bar, I told him the story. Had to. We laughed.

I wanted to be part of it, part of those singing people, those people who can tell stories with sang words.

I’m there. I’m part of it. And I’m happy. A lot.

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