Augmented-reality week end

What a beautiful and extraordinary way to start the summer. Never started a summer this way before.

Friday 21: almost straight out from work, to Tyler’s concert. Met there with Virginia, Rosa, Libertad. Great show, with a perfectly nailed version of Across the Universe, the beatles.

Then, we were us plus Danilo, Antonio, Carlos, and new faces for a nice meal in Malasaña. At the end, I heard this beautiful sound coming from the small park in the middle of the plaza; a sax and a good spanish guitar player, both improvising smooth sounds. I’m used to notice those when walking alone in cities, but I was so delighted to see that not only mine, but also Carlos and Tyler’s ears had been reached by those sounds. If those had been mermaid chants, we would be dead pirates. We just walked towards the sounds, and sat there in silence listening. This kind of street music that throws magic colored powder in the grey air of the heart of a big city.

After paying the bill, straight to Areia for some dancing on the music of our special favourite DJ, Alvaro Cabana. The place wasn’t just ‘a discotheque’. The floor was sand, we took off our shoes; the music wasn’t just music, it was Cabana ruling the dancefloor. And here we were, dancing our asses off, barefoot, in the middle of a very quiet crowd. But this is how we ‘theBox’ people are, free smiling active dancers. Marina was missing; sent a whatsapp, explained that she had to be there; 15min, here she was enlighitning our souls with her smile.
Then I was called by 2 beautiful friends for another set and ended up spending the most beautiful night, the first phase of what defines this week end that was starting: Augmented-reality.

Woke up on saturday at 13h, had to meet at 15h with Tyler, Thomas and Marina, for go shopping, rent a car and go to the Furthur festival, trance, nature, 2 days, in the middle of freaking nowhere.

But first I needed a strong breakfast. Senegalese food was about to be the perfect thing. Baobab, 3 min away from my place. Thiebou-dien. 7€. Full. Done.

Ran to Tyler’s, from Tyler’s to the supermarket guessing what we would need for those 2 days in a green desert, go to atocha, rent a car, and get on the road.

We arrived early, met the few people still preparing the setting in the middle of the wood next to the river. In the middle of this dmall river an island of stones, where we sat to chill a bit, sitting, me painting flat stones I could find with our names.
From the wood appeared Tyler’s friend Laura, most beautiful girl ever. We all sat, chat, had beers, we were feeling good, away from everything in a very peaceful place with very peaceful people, hard to not think about Woodstock. As hard as it was to ignore the massive presence of mosquitos.
Music launch, we started dancing, the sun went behind the hidden side of earth leaving a clear sky for a giant full moon to appear and enlighten the place, creating strong beautiful black on white shadows of every single person. The place was filling up.
Real dancing, beautiful smiles, big laughs, strong hugs, tough music. A long night of joy.

Around 6, my body was strting to politely asking for rest. Went to the chill out. There was Laura. There was also those three roots people we had first met on the stones. Very mystical relation between them, but so peacefull people.

The girl, with whom we talked, told us, based on our birth date, what we were:
Marina: white cosmic wind.
Tyler,: white crystal wind.
Thomas: white magnetic mirror.
Me: white electric wizzard.

As I said, mystical people. But still interesting.
When the sun came back yo us around 6, I was starting to wish this trance music would stop a while and switch to reggae or something more relaxing. But that wasn’t the plan for anyone else around, and boom boom krrrr frrrrr boom boom boom boom boboboboom boom was here to stay.
Nevertheless, hard to not think positive when in this setting surrounded by those nice people I was with.
Nap under the first glimpse of morning sun, quickly became to hot to handle. Seitch back to the chill out tent. Had a sleep. Had food. Danced a bit. Dat on the grass. The high moment of thise last hours was when Thomas came for me at the car where I was hanging out chatting with our parking neighbors, and invited to a quick swim in the river. Cold, but felt so freaking great to dip in to wake up, refresh and take off the dust out of our bodies.
Around 17h, we decided it was time to leave. At last, as we began to escape the boombooms. This week end was over. And this week end had been great. Filled with meetings with great people.
Ask me to come again to this trance party, and I’m there. Me and some backup headphones. But I’m there. Specially if it’s with the same people.
The only thing I remeber not buying is pretending to connect with nature with 20h non stop of industrial trance music, didn’t fit into my vision of getting in touch with nature. But it has been somehow magical.

Now, going ANYWHERE with Marina, Tyler and Thomas, that I would do whenever it’s offered.

Yesterday, more contact with nature people. Invited by Virginia, we went to see a movie for free in the middle of Lavapies, for free, in an occupied space, with back-enemy seats and crapy sounds to see the french movie ‘Amour’, winner of many prizes, such as best movie in last Cannes festival.
Too strange movie for me, didn’t like it. Neither of us three did. Highlight: the beauty of the two Arnaiz sisters I was with.

Next stop: fiesta rural next week end. Another deep contact with nature and emptyness. But this time, surrounded by all the best people I know here.

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