Another (great) week end in Barcelona

Yet another long week end in Barcelona. A quiet stay, but still delightful one.
I left on thursday when I cold have left on tuesday because I couldn’t let the opportunity to go to the Flamenco bar Tyler has been talking about for weeks. The day after was free and it was perfect.

Arrived on thursday morning, and first thing I needed to do after lunch was to go for presents for Hugo’s birthday and Robert’s that I had missed.

Once back home, Some good time with the family and straight to the center to meet with Vivien. I was thrilled for being invited to his new videoclip making in the center. Quick white wine on a terasse and headed to his place; stayed there a will and back to the center. Quick and good kebab at Atlas at Rambla del Raval, and we started filming in the Raval. It was nice to be part of the process, suggesting some kind of “hand-made trail” to film while walking, basically pushing the guy filming on his skate. Worked like a charm.

But the next scene was the most exciting, since I was part of it. Quick appearance, took maybe 10 times before getting the expected effect, and that was it, I finally had been an actor for his video clip. And now of course, I can’t wait for the release of the video clip.
More scene shooting in the center then. The most disturbing one was when we shoot on the “Las Ramblas”.
The reason is simple: the city of Barcelona created few years ago a dreadful disgusting concept: Barcelona Plateau, which basically consist in charging and asking for a permission for whoever touches any floor of the the city with a tripod. Take a picture: it’s fine. Take a picture using a tripod: you’re a professional and if you don’t show authorization for it, you’ll be happily charged a shit amount of money.
So in our case: my friend who’s fighting and working hard for gaining his life with music, staying up late at night to film a great videoclip, surrounded by professionals that accept to work for free as helpful collaboration; her we were standing at 2a.m. filming, and I, at te same time was looking all around making sure any police would come and ruin my friend’s business for years. The same way I would pay attention if I was selling beers illegally, or tricking tourists or any illegal shit, I was looking for cops to make sure they wouldn’t fine my buddy for… being creative. That how shitty things are here now. I remember my friend Elie, who works in the movies world, explaining me how now productions prefer to send ALL their team AND material to Buenos Aires to save money instead of getting a Barcelona Plateau license to shoot in Barcelona. Deeply disgusting and sad. But this is the way Spain rolls those days, all about getting the money.
I also was talking with the camera guy, who’s also a skater, as he was explaining me how tough it is now for skaters to ride the city; cops won’t doubt in fining them 1.500€ just for riding. The even more disgusting thing is that now, every local knows about it and are being careful, running like crouches when any police car arrives (can’t be for their safety, just for their money), and on the other hand, tourist who aren’t aware of the rules are caught straight away and fined with no remorse.
Can’t believe how arts and sports are treated. Street art is NOT welcome in Barcelona (will make a shirt out of this).

But apart from the stress, it has been a great experience to shoot with those guys and be part of the videoclip.

For the next days, I had all those plans I usually make of going to museums, and for walks in the mountain, and to the beach. It was all written in my calendar. But I didn’t do any of those in the end. The reason is simple: I refused to rush, and I refused to get my ass out of bed before I was fed up of laying.
Friday morning: bed.
14h: meeting with Jordi Huaman in his new office where he now works as a freelance designer. On the way, in the cab I took, I spent 30min talking of Spain’s situation and new paradigm of treating their people. the guys was really offended, sad, and stressed by the new rules and ways of doing. It was sad old man I was pleased to talk with.
Arrived at Jordi’s sutdio and was pleased to discover the presence of Ignasi Albero and Yolanda in the same office!
Nice quick talk about work and then for lunch, straight to a terrace in the sun in Barceloneta. White wine, shitty food, more white wine, talks, updates, laughs, and a lot of sun.
At the end of the evening, I had the same great pleasure as always to meet with my dear Ariane, with whom we sipped a bottle of cava on a terrace and taled about all kind of things. Pleasant as always.

Then, straight to Jordi’s place for dinner. Light vegetables, more white wine, friends of him came, more drinks, and finally headed to Gracia to “Gracia LAtina” for more serious drinks and playing billiards. I lost each one of the 3 games I played, but it was cool.

Saturday: same thing again, some plans written down in my calendar about museums and beach, but didn’t do any of them. I actually woke up and didn’t feel like going out. And I then decided to arrange this big cupboard I have where I have all kind of things from my past stocked.
Spent 4 hours, threw away 7 bags of trash, and went through several different phases of my life from 1986 until now, via pictures, CD’s, toys, clothes, letters, tapes, vinyls, etc… All this listening to music on a decent music set, which I don’t have home. I had a good moment, without leaving home. Was cool.

At night, I was supposed to meet with Elie who was around for the week end, but I didn’t managed to do it in the end, since I was really fine with staying home and relaxing, playing with Hugo at FIFA, watching TV with my mother, listening to music, having amazingly good shrimps “my-mum” style.

Sunday, as usual, sunday chicken. HOLY sunday mama’s chicken. Some pool hanging out in the morning with my sister, great food, some relaxing time in the couch, great.

I heard about this great milestone in my brother’s life: he has a girlfriend!
Cute, of course (datsma braza!). I drove him in the afternoon to her place, and had this strange and great feeling when letting him go. It’s cool.

It was a very quiet week end, no heavy partying, no excess, no big walks, no museums, just some relaxing time, and it felt pretty good.

Nice to be there also on sunday for Mum’s day : )

On my way back home, it’s 20:25, this article is over.

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