Amsterdam (3)

Weeks before flying to Amsterdam, I had all my trip planned. But not text-on-paper planned; I’m talking of a all professional planning, a exhaustive investigation represented on a google calendar that would guide me day by day through all the best places to visit, and a custom google map pinning all those places on a interactive map, to make sure I had my visit time optimized, that I would enjoy the city my way, which is running like a rabbit and living the city intensively.

But, rules are made to be broken, and trip plans too.

I’m discovering and enjoying a different way of traveling. The concept: like being home, but in a different city.

If I want to sleep until 12:00, it’s because it feels good and I’m not going to feel like I’m loosing time; I normally would. If I want to sit in a bar and have a glass of portuguese wine and after that eat a kebab in a casual suburbian neighborhood, where no tourists care about visiting (nothing to visit there anyway), it’s ok, because I’m enjoying it, I enjoy being with the people from Amsterdam, enjoying at the same time the natural turkish hosting care.

For today sunday, my calendar is empty, so I can’t feel bad anyway for siting hours in the same bar and enjoying the view on the canals, waiting for friends to arrive. I’m not “loosing time”, I’m enjoying, in a priceless way.

Instead of enjoying museums and any other touristic attraction, I’m enjoying little things, like the tea I’m having. Actually what I’m enjoying is not the tea in itself, it’s the fact that instead of hot water and a tea bag, I got a glass of warm water, a little biscuit on its side, and a wooden box containing 10 tea bags for me to choose between green tea, red, black, infusions, etc…

I’m not running, I’m simply taking it easy; and it feels so right. This is not what I’m used to do, but as I said, rules are to be broken.

David, saskia, nina, may and marcel just joined, let’s enjoy.

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