Amsterdam (2)


The girl from my flat asked me while I was preparing my breakfast ‘do you like alcohol?’…

I’m used to be asked if I want to have a drink, meet people and stuff; but this is straight forward, ‘do-you-like-alcohol?’.

………’sure!’ I said.

So I’m meeting with them, at 6pm.

In Spain, people are just getting out of their nap ar 6pm; meanwhile, in Amsterdam, people are already ‘working hard’.

The second thing she said was ‘btw, there won’t be beers, just vodka, is it ok with you?’.

…………………’Sure! Yes’…

This is the nice thing of airbnb, you get to mix with locals and know their ways of life.

After that, dinner with people from Nepal, Brazil, Spain, France, England, NATO style dinner.

After that, well I don’t really know… Time will tell.

It’s raining in Amsterdam, but getting along with it is part of the process of merging with the people here I guess, so let’s get out! (and buy an umbrella)…

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