Amsterdam (1)

So, in amsterdam you can be high as shit and drive a scooter without a helmet on, using the bicycle tracks… Interesting…

Quick stop for a glass of french wine, to warm up and escape from this chilling wet cold outside.

My brain is still adapting to the fact that in Amsterdam, it heavily smells marijuana at nearly every corner. Streets are starting to be already loaded of people with small eyes.
Kind of fun in the end. It’s quieter than if, instead of stoned, those people were drunk, actually.

No GPS, no map, no idea of where I’m going; I’m 90% lost and it feels great.

In this wine bar I am right now, there’s people coming in for dinner. That’s quite early, not spanish.

I officially ran away from the city center. Crowded, not fun. Well, it’s pretty, but aaaaaaal those people; nead a break.

In the middle of Vice neighborhood I found this totally empty (no weed) big contemporary art gallery that felt like water in the desert. Not so interesting, but still felt nice. I asked the 2 nice girls in charge of the gallery about some more interesting neighborhood for walking through. She mentioned Joordan, and I said ‘yes!’.

10min away walking from vice city, Joordan is different. Quite, few tourists (at least grown ups), and bars with something else that herbs to sell.

The most interesting food offers I’ve seen so far are french and spanish food. I want to believe there’s still something else. Actually can’t be worst than this ham I’m eating and this wine I’m drinking right now…

By the way, Am$terdam is not a cheap city…

Ok, enough wine and cheese with crappy ham, time to eat.

In a bar with another glass of red wine, portuguese this time; good.

A bit strange to go alone in bars; lot harder to ‘socialize’, feels weird (wouldn’t hold long without an Iphone).

Fourth glass of red wine, no more writing, don’t know what could come out of this…


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