6 months back in Madrid

It´s been 6 month today I left London, and I couldn’t do a better move than to come back here. The best decision possible.

Found everything I was looking for, my friends, my family so much closer from here, no more planes, parties, sun, food. It’s all there.

And I was lucky to find a wonderful apartment in a wonderful neighborhood, exactly where I wanted to be, and with a terrace, which makes a huge difference, specially comparing to my place in London.

Workwise, I’m in a place with great opportunities and nice people. The nice friend I’m working with is not my friend anymore, but that’s a matter of assuming it.

And music wise… ah… Playing with Tyler, going to nice Mastretta concerts, joined choir and a band, bought myself some basic equipment to make my own recordings. It’s perfect.

There’s one thing I miss from London, it’s the people there I left behind. But, that also, is life and is a matter of getting a long with the fact that nothing can be exactly perfect.


It’s been 6 months of winter, here comes the good part, the sweet summer.Y_asi_todos_los_d_as.

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