3 videos that put lights on darkness

Lately, I saw those 3 videos, and since then, I didn’t stop sharing them and talking about the insights I discovered, about several matters.

Gary Yourofsky – About food

The most striking one is about the food industry and basically what we eat.

I encourage everyone to see this. It’s one hour, but it is not a waist of time, at all. I even recommend to view the annex video, half and hour of Q&A.

The schock doctrine – About economy and politics

The second one I highly recommend is about the Shock Doctrin. Will not get into explaining it here, it’s very complex and I couldn’t explain it better than this documentary. Very highly recommended.

The beautiful truth – About food

This last one is how food is directly related to most of the major diseases humanity is suffering of, including cancer. Many diseases can be avoided, but the food and health industry do not want this to happen, of course.

Thank you YouTube for that. It won’t change everything in one day, but at least it awakens awareness, which is the big first step.




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