February 2016

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FITC in Amsterdam

  I went back to Amsterdam. Last time I went, it was the reason I opened this blog, at the time hosted on the belated platform “posterous”. What started has a travel companion for 18 days ended up being my life companions for about 2 years after, which is when the amount of stuff I […]

Something new everyday #32: 3D printing

Something new everyday #32: 3D printing

For 2016, and after watching a video going through the current and future capabilities of 3D printing, I decided it was about time I got my hands on it. I first decided I would buy my own 3D printer. I found the model I wanted, but I decided that before buying, I should go through […]

Something new everyday #31: join a choir

Here´s a brand new “something new everyday” entry, and it goes about me enrolling into a choir to learn how to sing. I´ve been playing instruments for many years now, and the only one that just keeps on failing is that one I always carry around, the voice. I´ve been singing, a lot, for long time, […]