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Boicotear a cocacola no es sólo 1 bebida

Boicotear a cocacola no es sólo 1 bebida

Fanta Nestea Limon & nada Minute Maid Aquarius Mare Rosso Nordic Mist Burn Energy Drink Powerade Ion4 Sprite Schuss Aquabona Fiora Vanti Tab El ERE ese no es como si “por fin!” habían razones para criticar a Coca Cola. Histéricos hace 2 días por encontrar nombres en las latas, y hoy es el demonio de […]

My attention for three experiences that makes one feel alive

My attention for three experiences that makes one feel alive

I’m going to write down here the story of three experiences that happened to me in the last days, as a way to remember them as usual, but also as a recommendation; not pretending to be the guide of anyone’s life, just willing to communicate “hey, I did this, it was easy, and it was […]

First World Cup I’ll skip

First World Cup I'll skip

Just watched this video, and that confirms my reasons for not watching the World Cup in Brazil this year. 1986: I watch my first world cup. 2014: could be the first world cup I skip on to honor basic principles of mine. World Cup is a beautiful event, I love it, always did, but how […]

Passion’s still there

Passion's still there

First day at work after 20 days of vacations… not an easy one. Thought it was going to be a slow-motion lazy day, but hey, it’s 20h30, I just finished working, organizing  information for it to be treated quicker and in a more efficient way. Passion’s still there.

New year’s eve in Madrid

New year's eve in Madrid

Had an awesome party at Thom’s place, not everyone was there, but all good people, good food, grapes, good drinks, celebration, dancing, laughing; nothing missing.

Year 2013

Year 2013

  How do I start…? 2012 was a year for defining myself, remember who I am, what I like, what I want, enjoy what I have and discover new places, people, stuff. 2013… I thought 2012 was going to be hard to improve. In the end, it hasn’t been any improvement, and it hasn’t been […]