2012, best year ever since 1979

It’s been one year. One year since I opened this blog while on the train on my way to Barcelona.

And right now is time for looking back on this year, since I’m, equal than in my first post, on a train on my way to Barcelona, only difference being that instead of Amsterdam, I’ll be spending New Year’s eve in Berlin this year.

The title of the first post was “purposes”, where I exposed the reason why I suddenly thought “why not create a blog”.

The reasons were clear and still are valid today:

“- I’m traveling alone; I’m sure it’ll be helpful to have this personal space to share stuff… Well pretty much with myself.”

Today, I’m still traveling alone, but so far away from feeling lonely. And yes, this space has been great for me to express myself and share with friends and family my experiences. I’ve had some amazing feedback on some posts, this has been great. And most of all, I already now enjoy reviewing what happened this year and it reminds me of what a fantastic year I’ve had.

“- however if this trip turns out to be great or shitty, I want to keep this journal going to be able to memorize those days to come later.”

The trip I was mentioning was my trip to amsterdam. Meant to be a trip with my girlfriend, it turned out to be a trip alone, since one month before the relation with who’s today my married ex-girlfriend had ended. The trip turned out to be an awesome trip, the highlight being no doubt the first seconds of 2012, when from the balcony of Alex and Sara we enjoyed a jawdropping fireworks festival all over Amsterdam from the best point of view ever. In my last post about my trip, I mentionned this playlist I listened to on the last day; funny I’m still listening today to the same songs with the same great warm feeling each time. I already explained the reasons at this moment:

“I added to those songs some notes that didn’t exist before and that will always be part of the song from now on. No one is able to ear those new notes. These notes are mine, and the song is different just from my own point of view.”

“- Because I have to practice my english; my mother tongue is french, but speaking english is maybe for me a way to make sure I’m speaking with more people, although all I’m doing in the end is speaking with myself; me, myself and I.”

About this point, nothing special, I maintained english as default language but sometime used spanish, as it is for me easier to use for expressing myself. Can’t help thinking of the fact that today, I’m waiting for a confirmation for moving to London with my company; I guess it was worth using english on this blog, for practicing.

And this all my first post talked about, incertainty about what could happen, but sure about the main idea of those purposes: just do it, we’ll what happens.

I’m realizing the importance in time of some posts compared to others, and in the end the importance of some experiences compared to others. Next great experience following Amsterdam is my one day trip to Segovia. Since then I haven’t stopped talking about Segovia to people and how beautiful it is, also compared to Toledo.On the first minutes in Segovia, I made a picture that is maybe my favourite of all this year.

This is year has also been the year of my first “Clasico”, surprisingly in the Bernabeu stadium, which is strange for a ‘culé’ like me. Barça, and specially Messi, have been huge source of emotions for me this year, I admire so much the overall spirit of the team and its players, and of course, of Guardiola. When Guardiola left the team in june, I couldn’t help being overwhelmed by emotions. I was the first to be surprised by this strong emotions, but I totally understand why. Guardiola, apart from being a wonderful person with a mountain of dignity each time he talks publicly, represents such a huge period of my life, and he was the coach behind the team that awakened such strong emotions. I think the biggest one that I will never forget is the goal Iniesta scored against Chelsea at the last second, giving at Barça a place in final. I still remember where we were, where I was sitting, who was sitting next to me, I remember the smiles and euphoria, I remember leaving the bar at the ended of the match, taking my camera and filming people from my moto in the city, I can still feel this amazing vibration that led me without thinking I would to plaza catalunya, and I haven’t been able to just pass on those people and happiness, so I parked my moto and joined this ocean of happiness for 15minutes, with my heavy computer on the back. Yes, this has been I think my biggest moment as a ‘culé’. And they were several of them, and when Guardiola left, when he took the microphone to say goodbye to the all stadium, the invisible onion of emotions got to my eyes. I know it’s football, but it is not, it is a lot more, it is almost everything apart form football. It’s friends, emotions, happiness, sharing euphoria with people I don’t know. I’ll rememeber those days forever, and the first things that will come to my mind will be Guardiola, Messi, Iniesta, BaBa, IDEP, …. and plenty of more wonderful episodes.

Result of this first clasico: we won :)

This year, thanks to this blog, I started a section called “something new everyday”. This concept led me to focus on what I was doing that was different from what whatever I ever did before. My conclusion is that it’s very tricky to be able to pull something new every single day, but it’s possible to do small things and sometimes big new things.

Summary of new things this year:

– try a new bar for watching football

– dinner with Sergi and Arnau

– learn a new song on drums

– visit Toledo

– Attend a modern art fare

– Record a song playing guitar bass and drums

– prepare hummus

– Buy fish in the best fishplace of Madrid

– Visit the Thysen Museum

– Cook in the morning

– Design for Android

– Go out and party 4 days in a row

– Went to “La Sierra de Madrid”

– Made a handmade calligraphic birthday present

– Went to see “les intouchables”

– Cooked like mad in the morning

– Spent one year using a non-chemical deodorant

– Started boat classes, had fun with Em and Dy, invented a new desert, Got a tooth taken out

– Used full features of digital communication, went to Salamanca, discovered Ukulele Clan Band, walked the entire Alcala street of Madrid

– Navigate a boat

– Attend my first TED conference

– Cook mexican food

– Prepare and do a talk in front of the people of my company

– Meet with a Jamaican musician on the rocks next to the sea and chat with him instead of just enjoying his music

– Get into a samba percussion band

– Raise self awareness on my use of social networks

– Draw a poster for sake of my own building cmmunity

– Created my own pangram

– Create my own musical language

– Play in one of Madrid’s biggest venue in front of 500 people

Apart from all those new stuff I did and I reported under the “something new everyday” concept, I have to add:

– I realized my home is Barcelona, not Paris, where I was born.

– I’ve been a UX/graphic design/business strategy consultant for someone I was working with 3 years before.

– Climbed to the Collserola tower.

– Went to Bilbao and to the Guggenheim

– Played music with a great guitarist during a(nother) wonderful Claudio’s BBQ

– Learned to write with a pentel brush and met this beautiful person called Mercé, key person this year for me (and tasted porc’s feet for the first (and last) time

– Went to Monforte de Lemos for the 80 years of my grandmother and make sure she wouldn’t spend the day alone, very proud of this, couldn’t have done better thing in the all world (and discovered how crappy are the night-trains to monforte

– Discovered Salamanca

– Went to Valencia

– Went to Switzerland

– Went to New York

– Went to Cadiz

– Saw Justice Live (crap)

– Went to Port Bou

– Went to Valladolid to attend a Hackathon and have one of the best dinner I’ve ever had

– Saw Leonard Cohen live

– Learned San Vito’s calligraphy (and tried snails)

Some other stuff can’t be explained in an article, and one of them is those people that make my heart warmer everyday.

One of the person I love the most and with whom, or thanks to whom, I’ve lived my best moments this year is my very precious Emily Ann Ryan.

My trip to New York had been planned for 3 years. The best I did was to plan this trip when she was in NYC herself. It’s to point out that I didn’t have to ask or beg, she was the one to offer to make our dates match. I had the best trip ever, lived some amazing experiences, and I will forever relate those to her, without her, none of what happened would have happened. First TEd conferece, with her, first and awesome trip to Valencia, with her, my best parties, with her; who’s the only one who cares to makes sure I’m fine when it’s 5 in the morning and I’m waisted: that’s my Ryan. She’s the best organiser ever, she’s the coolest person ever, she’s funny as shit, and I love her; I learned this year how to love people without meaning I want to date them. And I can’t talk about Emily without mentioning my man Dani, my confident and best friend in this company I work at, love him too. Being surrounded all year long by those two amazing person has made this year very very special and enjoyable; love them.

And from them, many of the people I met this year with who I’ve had many kind of passionate experiences with: Ana, Minako, Valentine, José, Catelina, Albert, Emily M., Dylana.

Talking of Emily M. and Dylana, with who I shared so much pleasant moments this year, that leads me to the annoying thing I’ve experiencied this year: people leaving Madrid.

First Dylana, then Emily Melander, then Raul, then Ariane, and more to come. And from Barcelona, dealing with the fact that my 2 best friends in Barcelona are leaving in other countries, JP in Cameroon, Elie in Switzerland.

An efficient method for realizing how much you care for someone indeed.

This year I also stopped watching TV, and my conclusion: just do it. I don’t watch TV, instead I put music, and do some calligraphy, play the guitar, play the bass, play the harmonia, or simply watch youtube contents or just some regular Facebook waist of time.

I’ve made load of calligraphy this year, and for the first time in 4 years of practicing, got ego-warming comments by known or unknown people, making feel like I’m actually good at it. The good thing I’m proud of feeling is that I’m far from good, but at least for rookies, I’m good, and it’s very nice to hear congratulations about my work.

Oh! and yes, this year, I cooked non stop, and most of all, got some really beautiful comments from people. I’ve cooked like I design, choosing ingredients and making them look good, thanks partly to the capabilities of my iPhone and some awesome apps.

Talking about food, recently I’ve been convinced that the human is not made to eat meat, animals are not for us to use as food, even less in the way our society do now; so I’m slightly but surely switching to veggie; not sure about the vegan thing yet, but not discarding it yet.

Small detail: for Movember, I’ve grown a full mustache. A bit scared at the beginning, I got used to used it, and for the first time in my life, I went to a barber shop; funny experience globally. And at the same time, since it was a nice mix, I started wearing hats!

There’s many details of this year available for me to review in my blog, but bottom line:

– love my job

– love my family

– love my friends

– love my life

– love life

– love food

– love sharing

– love hugging

– love partying

– love music

– love discovering

This year has been my first year single since 2005, and although I’ve loved my ex and had some great time with her, this year has been maybe the best year of my entire 33 years long life.

Just want to make sure I mention those guys in this post, because I’ve enjoyed my best moments with them:

– my mum, robert, hugo, emily and the dogs

– Elie, JP, vivien, Hugo

– Emily and Dani (and Ana)

– Ariane

– Mercé

– so many more… but you guys are special.

I’ve been writing for 2h10, in 20min, I’ll arrive in Barcelona, and the same way I started 2012 and this blog, I’ll start 2013, as something new. What I’ve lived this year is amazing and seems like the higher top of my life, but this is not the way I should think. The proper way is to keep of this year that is already “the past” what I’ve learned and was lucky to experience, and build the present and future on top of this, based on this. I’m richer, doesn’t mean I can’t get more richer.

The plan: Barcelona, and then Berlin for new year, with, of course, my dear Emily Ann!

I will finish by my favourite quote of this year, by John Lennon:

“They made us believe that real love, the one that’s strong, only happens once, more likely before your 30ths.

They never told us that love is not something that you can put in motion, neither has time schedule.

They made us believe that each one of us is the half of an orange, and that life only makes sense when you find that other half.

They did not tell us that we were born as whole, and that no-one in our lives deserve to carry on his back such responsibility of completing what is missing on us: we grow through life by ourselves. If we have a good company it’s just more pleasant.

They made us believe in a formula “two in one”: two people sharing the same line of thinking, same ideas, and that it is what works.

It’s never been told that it has another name: invalidation, that only two individuals with their own personality is how you can have a healthy relationship. It has been made to believe that marriage is an obliged institution and that fantasies out of hour should be repressed.

They made us believe that the thin and beautiful are the ones who is more loved, that the ones that have little sex are boring, and the ones that has a lot of it are not trustful, and that will always have a old shoes to a crooked foot; what they forgot to tell us is that there are more crooked minds than feet.

They made us believe that there’s one way formula to be happy, the same one to everybody, and the ones that escape from that are condemned to be delinquents.

We have never been told that those formulas go wrong, they get people frustrated, they are alienating, and that we can try other alternatives.

Oh! Also they did not tell us that no one will tell those things to us. Each and everyone of us will have to learn by ourselves.

And, when we get to the point that you are in love with yourself first, that’s when you can fall in love with somebody.”

Can’t agree more.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I’ll leave it here.

Today was supposed to be the end of the world as we know it, as said by the Mayas, “the end of an era” as they actually metionned; it’s 18h17, nothing special is happening.

But I’m closing this year, a major era, and can’t wait to begin a new one.

Next review, in 1 year.

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