December 2011

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PSG 0 – 1 Barça

PSG 0 - 1 Barça

It’s strange: I was born in Paris and raised there from 0 to 18years old, but after so many years and experiences in Barcelona, this city has become my home, this place where one FEELS home. The only thing I miss today from paris is people, friends I miss, and a cousin actually. The city […]

I’m proud of my company

I'm proud of my company

It’s quite awkward to hear (sometimes close) people talk about my company in a massive negative way. I understand that the same way I went through a painful process to close my ONO account, lot of people have suffered from the processes of my company. But what I’m seeing each day is a company that […]

9 month

9 month

9 month since I moved from Barcelona to Madrid; 9 month. Went through big changes and evolutions, and today, a new ‘me’ has born. My career is now on its way; I still can’t believe how lucky I am to work in my company; I’m lucky the double for being actually part of the coolest […]



The purposes of this blog are triple: – I’m traveling alone; I’m sure it’ll be helpfull to have this personal space to share stuff… Well pretty much with myself. – however if this trip turns out to be great or shitty, I want to keep this journal going to be able to memorize those days […]