18 hours I’m awake, can’t believe all the things I’ve done today

This is surely one of the most boring post I’ll write, I’m sorry if ever you arrived here and expected something fun.

I’ll be brief:

– woke up at 4h30 (still don’t know why)

– got out of bed at 5h30

– got at the office at 8

– had a nice chat with my ex girlfriend, current friend, on the phone.

– made some wireframes, workflows, user cases.

– had a coffee with some nice people at the office.

– had lunch with some other nice people from the office.

– had a meeting and it went nice

– took an appointment with dentist, osteopath and gaz bottles provider

– had another meeting that went also well, with some nice person; included laughing with my colleague.

Рhad some nice chats with friends about football, sex, food, work, technology and weather

– on the way back home, had a fantastic chat with another colleague that taught me about Arduino technology and its posiblities, inviting me to think and propose ideas.

– had a drink in a nice bar with 2 colleagues.

– made a laundry, took it out and put it to dry.

– washed a ridiculously large amount of dishes

– listened to great music meanwhile

– shared a lot on instagram, facebook, path, twitter, foursquare, linkedin

– took time for some quick calligraphy, used a relaxing tool at the office, and did a nice thing about this fantastic “arroz con leche” I had for desert at mid-day.

And the worst is that I think I’m forgetting stuff.

And tomorrow, I’m attending my first Clasico (Real Madrid Vs.¬†FC Barcelona).

Can’t complain; can’t complain… had a nice day.


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