Silvia Perez Cruz, Madrid

Para mi cumpleaños, mi querida Lula me regalo emoción, con dos entradas para el concierto de Silvia Perez Cruz. Y llego el día. Subió al escenario, canto, sola en el escenario, “la canço del lladro”. Fueron subiendo poco a poco el quinteto de cuerdas entero, primero el violin, luego el segundo, y la viola, y […]

Music, the best way to access your memories

This morning, my “facebook memories” reminded me of 2012 when I discovered Skip the Use and felt in love with that band. So I got out of bed and when straight to spotify to rise up with that music. I discovered them in switzerland at the PALEO festival, when I went my friend Elie. We […]

First birthday I can’t get you on the phone

This 19th of april 2016 was a strange one, because for the first time in my life I wasn’t able to get my dad on the phone to tell him happy birthday. So I recorded a song on that day, and drank beer. This is a message I sent to my special ones that night: […]

6 months back in Madrid

6 months back in Madrid

It´s been 6 month today I left London, and I couldn’t do a better move than to come back here. The best decision possible. Found everything I was looking for, my friends, my family so much closer from here, no more planes, parties, sun, food. It’s all there. And I was lucky to find a […]

Fantastic people

Those last days have had a nice thing in common; I got to have long face-to-face talks with great artists. Saturday, almost 5 hours non-stop talking and vermuts with Virginia, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday long talks and wines with Ainize, Wednesday long talk/music and IPA beers with Tyler. In between, on tuesday, I was lucky to […]

FITC in Amsterdam

  I went back to Amsterdam. Last time I went, it was the reason I opened this blog, at the time hosted on the belated platform “posterous”. What started has a travel companion for 18 days ended up being my life companions for about 2 years after, which is when the amount of stuff I […]

Something new everyday #32: 3D printing

Something new everyday #32: 3D printing

For 2016, and after watching a video going through the current and future capabilities of 3D printing, I decided it was about time I got my hands on it. I first decided I would buy my own 3D printer. I found the model I wanted, but I decided that before buying, I should go through […]

Something new everyday #31: join a choir

Here´s a brand new “something new everyday” entry, and it goes about me enrolling into a choir to learn how to sing. I´ve been playing instruments for many years now, and the only one that just keeps on failing is that one I always carry around, the voice. I´ve been singing, a lot, for long time, […]

Faith in humanity: strong.

Faith in humanity: strong.

My ninth day back in Madrid has been something close to magical. Those days, I´ve been looking like mad for a flat to live in, not only stressed by the lack of options, but also because next week I´ll start my new job and won´t have that much time to hunt. Today I had 2 […]